Evergreen Raceway Park Gearing Up For Opening Day Under New Management

Racing fans, start your engines! Evergreen Raceway Park is gearing up for its first season under new management.

Harry Buchman, Track Manager, received the keys to the track and facilities on March 1, and preparations for opening day, April 27, are underway.

Harry notes the large amount of improvements that have been made and will be made to the raceway before opening day. Crews began excavating to build two new restrooms. New guardrails have been put in, along with a welcome area with new signs. A scoreboard has been added, along with a new computer system. An advertising board has also been built to showcase the sponsors. “That’s never been done before,” says Harry.

The kitchen is entirely brand new. “From the lights, to the walls, to the floors, everything has been redone,” Harry proudly relates. All of the kitchen appliances are brand new, and many new appliances have been added, like pizza ovens and a chili machine, which the park did not have before. Harry says, “We wanted to create a variety of menu items. We’ll have Halushki, chili, hamburgers, hot dogs, perogis, and pizza just to name a few items.”

The vast amount of preparation was completed by April 19, the first of two practice days, the second being April 26. These practice days are for the drivers, to ensure that their cars are working properly and they get the chance to try out the track before race day, on April 27. However, Harry notes that the practice days are also for those working in food service. “It’s a test run on both sides,” he comments. Admission will be free into the grandstands on the practice days, “So that everything will be more feasible and give people easier access to racing,” Harry explains. There is a $10 pit admission fee for the drivers participating in the practice days.

Opening Day races will feature Modifieds, Late Models, Street Stocks, Dirt Modifieds, Pure Stocks, Four Cylinder FWDs and INEX Legends.

Harry emphasized the importance of working with the community. “I want to show the community we’re here to help them.” He relates “None of the owners before did that.” He explained that he wants to work with those around the track, so he can keep them happy. Harry wants to host some cancer walks at the park, “To show our support for the community.” He has several events planned, including a Hoosier Day, where Hoosier Tire will be giving things away to the public. He would like to add more sponsors that would be willing to do this. Harry has 8 or 9 categories of

configurations of cars that will be participating at the race on April 27. He also has races planned on Saturdays and Sundays for the season at the speedway. A couple times during each month, on Fridays, Harry wants to have bands play. He hopes to generate enough money from these concerts to pave the track in the fall.

Harry has several plans for upcoming projects and additions onto the track in the future. He hopes to add an office building, another new kitchen, and a picnic area for company picnics in the near future. The track currently has a picnic area, but this would be a larger one, where local companies and businesses can have their company picnics. Someday, Harry hopes to add a drag strip. He also hopes to buy land for a kiddie park that can be used by children in the area.

“I want to introduce people to racing that don’t know much about it,” Harry comments. “I want everyone to enjoy it and maybe find a new hobby.”

Evergreen Raceway Park is located at 183 Mill Mountain Road, Drums. Grandstands at the track open at noon on April 27. Admission fee is $10 for adults, and children under 12 are free.

For any questions or for directions, visit evergreenraceway.com.