ST. JUDE STUDENTS QUALIFY FOR JOHNS HOPKINS TALENT SEARCH-The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth has recognized fifty-three students from grades three through eight at St. Jude School. The students qualified for the Talent Search by scoring in the 95th percentile or higher on a major part of the TerraNova test that was administered in the 2012-2013 or 2013-2014 school year. These test results open doors to a wide range of CTY’s programs and services including CTY’s Summer Program and CTY Online courses. The CTY focuses on helping the students develop academically to the highest possible level and opens up new resources and a new peer network for academically minded young people. Qualifying students are shown from left –Millie Symbula, Ella Urosevich, Dominic Alberti, Mia Kane, Gemma Alberti, Bobby Shafer, Delaney Curley, Hillary Hoda, and Emily Adamczyk. Row two: Chloe Pugh, Jordyn Chepolis, Evan Wejkszner, Matthew Banford, Katelyn Bozinko, Connor Moran, Caden Sparich, Ryan Martinelli, William Wolfgang, Molly Jameson, and Nadia Saeed. Row three: Shreya Rupareliya, Thomas Mayernik, Sarah Stettler, Anna Capaci, Abby Lapinski, Dean Limongelli, Valerie Soto, Morghan Murphy, Jared Bozinko, Chase Pugh, and Matthew Kerstetter. Row four: George Strish, Madison Stoltz, Anne Hagenbuch, Lizzie Kolojejchick, Emily Thomas, Adam Mahler, Ryan Williams, Taylor Josefowicz, Ethan Hoda, and Lauren Patrick. Back: Kaylee Kotsko, Matthew Hayden, Maria Strish, Brianna Phillips, Dominic Capaci, Ben Koshinski, Nicholas Ganter, Sean Wills, Tim Gallagher, and Makenzie Savner. Christopher Papciak and Bryce Zapusek were also recognized.