Dorrance Township Plans Annual Clean-Up May 3

The Dorrance Board of Supervisors laid out the details for the upcoming Annual Clean Up at the board’s meeting on April 7.

It was agreed to hold the township cleanup on Saturday, May 3, 2014 from 7 am to 2 pm. The program is open only to township residents and proof of residency is required.

Residents will be charged $15 for a carload. Small trucks and trailer loads will be charged at a rate of $20 per load and trucks over ¾ ton will be charged $50.

There will be a $3 charge for batteries, appliances with be priced at $10 each for drop-off. Any refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning units or de-humidifiers must have the Freon removed in advance or will not be accepted. In addition, tires will be accepted at a scale of $2 for 12, 13 or 14 inch tires –they must be off the rims; 16 inch tires will be charged $5 –again they must be off the rim. No tractor trailer tires will be accepted. The board reminded that tires may be recycled for free in the fall in Butler Township.

The officials announced that they will not accept electronics, asbestos, shingles, wood, paint cans, propane tanks, house-hold garbage or any hazardous materials.

Items will only be accepted during the scheduled hours and anyone dropping materials off at other times will be prosecuted.

As part of the yearly tradition, the board reminded that anyone wishing to clean up township roadsides should call the township garage where they can acquire garbage bags for the road clean up.

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