Nuangola Road Woes Wait For Sewer Contractor, Council Reports

Nuangola Borough Council Vice President Joseph Tucker told his fellow councilors at the April 8 meeting that, “the first thing we have to do is start patching potholes.” But he said major road repairs will be the responsibility of the sewer contractor, Wexcon.

With the sewer installer due back to finish the job within the month, Tucker stated ruefully, “In my opinion, they owe us a Main Street,” earning Tucker appreciative chuckles from those in attendance.

But the borough’s road conditions, as the sewer project winds down, are no laughing matter. He said, “I’ve had several complaints,” he emphasizes, “several complaints, about how bad the roads are here. I’ve been out and surveying most of them, and I’d say 90% of the calls I’ve gotten were Wexcon-related, Sewer Authority problems.”

Tucker advised, “I have a list that I have turned over to the Sewer Authority. They’re telling me that Wexcon is going to be back into the borough by the middle to the end of the month.”

The discussion of road damages focused on, “Main Street from Little Rock all the way to Willow Grove is completely tore up. Willow Grove itself is a complete mess…,” Tucker concluded.

In fact, the borough has asked

project funding source, the USDA, to bring in an expert to assess the impact the sewer construction has made on the lake-side community’s infrastructure. Tucker added, “I have the USDA’s own engineer going in tomorrow and I intend to show him the problem areas.”

Road issues on the east side of the borough were evaluated by Councilman Ron Kaiser, who brought in a PennDOT technical advisor to review safety measures along the Nuangola Avenue, Lance Street and Van Ave. connection.

Kaiser said that it was recommended to install additional 25 mph Speed Limit signs; to have a double yellow line painted and to acquire and erect a ‘Hill Blocks View’ sign where a rock cut narrows the roadway.

Sewer Authority liaison Michael Johnson said that the mandatory hookup compliance is under review and will be looked at the authority meeting on April 14th. He noted that “some of the delinquent hook-up fees are coming in now, the $2,025, some with penalties and interest, some without.”

The enforcement of the delinquent accounts will be looked at, Johnson

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