Passion Sunday At Emmanuel UCC

Passion. It is described as an intense feeling or emotion. People usually associate the word with love but it also represents a strong desire, as in having a passion for a sport or hobby. For Christians, Passion represents the suffering and death of our Christ.

The Passion of Christ demonstrates his intense feeling of love for all people and his willingness to die in our place. How many of us could die for someone else? What extreme level of passion would it take for us to even consider it? Someone might die for a good person, but for everyone, even those we believe don’t deserve it? It would take remarkable willpower to give up your life, not knowing if the gesture would even be appreciated.

Indeed, there are many who do not appreciate the strength of will displayed by Jesus on the cross. As the incarnation of God, he performed many miracles. And yet, he did not perform the one miracle that could have saved his life. It wasn’t nails that held him –only love could make him stay there. A passionate love that would strengthen his resolve. A love so intense that he could endure the pain and agony to become the ultimate sacrifice, the lamb killed in our place.

What can we do to repay such Passion? Is there any compensation that could settle such a debt? Yes, Believe. Believe with a sincere passion in the life, death and resurrection of the one true Christ. He has redeemed us from the pit and all he asks is our belief. Feel the Passion of belief. Experience the joy of a new life. Come and worship the sacrificial lamb.

On Palm/Passion Sunday, April 13, we will celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and witness his Passion for our sakes. Our worship service which begins at 10:30 am will include the sacrament of Holy Communion. The greeters will be Camille Daniels and Donnie Myers and the liturgist is Sandy Kleger. You are welcome to join our Sunday School which begins at 9:00 am with classes for all children and teens. Come and join us –there’s room for everyone.

The Sunday School Easter Party will be held on April 13 from during our Sunday School time. Each child should bring a basket or bag for collecting eggs for the egg hunt. We will have a brunch with cereals, fruits and juices, and, of course, painted toast. Come out and bring a friend for a fun time.

Holy Week services at Emmanuel UCC will include our Maundy Thursday Service on April 17. We will meet in the Fellowship Hall at 6:00 pm for a light supper prepared by Pastor Penny. After our meal, at 7:00 pm, we will proceed to the Sanctuary for our service commemorating the Lord’s Supper and reflecting on Christ’s suffering and sacrifice. If you are unable to join us for supper, please still come for worship. Everyone is welcome.

On Good Friday, April 18, we will join with churches of the Mountain Top Ministerium for an ecumenical service at the Mountain Top Presbyterian Church. The service will begin at 12:00 pm.

Upcoming events:

April 9 –Lenten Supper (6 pm) and Service (7 pm), Kid’s Choir at 6:30 pm; and Chancel Choir after Service (about 7:30 pm)

April 13 –Sunday School Easter Party during Sunday School (9 am)

April 16 –Kid’s Choir at 6:30 pm, and Chancel Choir after Service (about 7:30 pm)

April 17 –Maundy Thursday Supper at 6pm and Service at 7 pm

April 18 –Ecumenical Service at Mt Top Presbyterian at 12 pm

April 20 –SONrise Service at 6:30 am, and Easter Worship at 10:30 am

The church newsletter, The Messenger, is available through our website,,along with other information about us and our surrounding communities. You can also check out our monthly calendar and photos of recent events.

Emmanuel United Church of Christ in Dorrance Township houses the Food Bank for the Wapwallopen Ministerium. All contacts are kept strictly confidential as we understand each person’s need for privacy and self-esteem. If we can help you or someone you know, please call 868-5675 and we will provide nourishment for you and those you care for. Please give us at least 24-hour’s notice in order to set up an appointment.

Thanks you to everyone who contributes to our recycling aluminum cans project and hope you will continue to help us raise funds by recycling cans to help needy families in our area. Please place the cans in large bags and drop them off in the large crates at the back of the lower parking lot.

Emmanuel United Church of Christ is located at 7768 Blue Ridge Trail at its intersection with Alberdeen Road (across from Andy’s Gas Station) in Dorrance Township, Mountain Top, and we invite you to join us on Sunday mornings for Sunday School at 9:00 am and Sunday Worship Service at 10:30 am. We have a Nursery available for children to age 6 during our Worship Service. If you need directions or more information, please call the ffice at 868-5675. Our church is handicapped accessible.

If you are in need of pastoral care, please call Pastor Penny Dollar at 570-706-6476 or the church office at 570-868-5675.E-mail access is emmanuel_ucc@hotmail.comand our website is