Rice Hosts Annual Talent Show

The students of Rice Elementary School were given the opportunity to show off their talents at the 9th annual Talent Show held on March 29th at the school.

The acts included a dance performance to “Show Me the Way” by Alyse Wanchisen, Ava Wanchisen, Maggie Riccio, and Raina Fountain, a vocal performance to “Let it Go” by Jillian Tucker and Emma Guydish, a karate demonstration to “Timber” by Morgan Strecker, a dance to “Happy” by Adam Garraoui, a vocal performance to “If I Only Had a Brain” by Julia Martin, and a piano solo to “Menuet en Rondeau” by Andrew Murawski.

There was also a tumbling routine by Madison Cappillo, a dance routine to “Dark Horse” by Emma Craig and Alicia Shypulefski, a vocal performance to “Strangers Like Me” by Sarah Zaleppa, a karate performance to “The Eye of the Tiger” by Braden Vasilakos, a vocal duo to “Let it Go” by Lauren Lassiter and Samantha Olszyk, and a piano solo to “Rain Dance” by Jacob Lettieri.

Jolie Weiss, Julia O’Donnell, Tessa Pollack, and Alexis Stofko, performed their rendition of “Happy”, The Pink Diva’s performed their rendition of

SOLOIST Paige Fallbright performs “For the First Time in Forever” at Rice Elementary’s 9th Annual Talent Show.

“Timber” by Avery Kovalchik and

Marisa Brown, a performance to

“Glitz” by Aryanna Burke, Marley

Zlockie, and Keilan Verdekal, and

a dance routine to “One Way or

Another” by Abbey Smith.

The talented Anthony Lettieri

performed a piano solo to Beddingfield showed off their dance moves to “Party in the USA”. The audience also enjoyed a Cheer Mix routine by Abby Roman and Ava Boellmann, a karate routine to “She’s Country” by Abi Reilley, a vocal solo, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” by Katelyn Hohn, and a dance performance to “If I Had You” by Alyse McKennetts. Paige Fallbright sang “For the First Time in Forever”, a unique Hula Hooping routine to “Firework” was presented by Maggie Kozich, a performance to “Timber” was done by Julia Johnson, Jaden Weiss, and Emily Davidson, “Sinking of the Titanic” by Noah Garraoui, and there was a gymnastic routine to “Happy” by Hailey Morales and Ellie Kozich. Braiden Fallbright performed to “Bagatelle”, a vocal performance to “Dark Horse” by Jodi Simonton, dance duo Kellie Rother and Trista Ball performed “Blown Away”, a vocal performance to “Let it Go” by Gracie Sinclair, and the “Star Spangled Banner” was performed by Catarina Medeiros, Kayleigh and Vanessa Derwin. A dance performance to “Footloose” by Nicole, Sydney, Faith, Ashleigh, Maddy, Makayla, Emma, and Lauren rounded out a very entertaining show by these talented students.