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be made public after all parties

sign off on it, according to Solicitor


Road Projects

Roadmaster Mark Taney noted

that cold and hot patching of potholes

is ongoing. The Roadmaster said

that township employees would

cut squares in sections where the

macadam has deteriorated and will

fill in with hot asphalt.

Fairwood Boulevard in Woodland

Estates and Aleksander Boulevard in

the Polonia Estates subdivisions will

be paved in 2014. Both roads are

main arterials in the developments

and have high traffic counts and

are in need of repair. Taney said

the budget was tight and other road

projects would be considered in the

future. Engineer Penn East will

prepare bid specs for the paving


Police & Fire Reports

Township Police Chief Robert

Franks reported that the Route 309

rock-clearing project in Fairview

and Hanover Townships “is in play

now.” Rice Police responded to 185

incidents in March. Mandatory

CPR and Taser training has been

completed by his officers.

The Wright Township Fire Department responded to 50 incidents in and outside of the Township. The Fire Department also responded to 10 motor vehicle accidents. On April 26, the Fire Department will be hosting an Open House and Health Fair from 10 AM until 4 PM. There will be free health screenings for policemen, firemen, and EMTs. They also told the Township that they plan on having their bazaar in June.

Ice Lakes Floating Dock

The Ice Lakes Floating Dock and ADA Parking Project bids were opened on Friday, March 28. The bid was awarded to T Brennan Heavy Equipment, Inc., in an amount of $89,697.50. Other bids were received from Reading Materials, Inc. -$101,054.06; D & M Construction Unlimited, Inc. -$109,722.62; Barletta Materials & Construction, Inc. -$126,979.00. Carl Schimmel, engineer from Quad 3 recommended the bid specs for the project. The project is financed by a $75,000 grant from the American with Disabilities Act and money from a Community Development Grant.

Blytheburn Fishing Derby

Janeann Lokken, representing the Blytheburn Lake Association, spoke to the Board about the annual fishing derby for children held in the fall at Blytheburn Lake. With a budget of $1,000 for the event, cutbacks were made on the amount of fish purchased for the derby, and for gift bags and prizes. Lokken asked for a township donation. Taney told the residents that he had stopped by the fishing derby at Lake Blytheburn once. “It was a beautiful thing,” he remarked, “To see kids having a good time outside in the electronic age.” Taney and Thomas voted YES for the $500 donation and Miller Stella voted NO.

EMA Appointments Bryan Brown was appointed as the

official EMA Coordinator for Rice Township for 2014, and Harry Ehret was appointed the official EMA Deputy for 2014 for the Township. The Board also unanimously carried a motion to adopt Resolution #2014-2, which places the updated Emergency Operations Plan of Rice Township into immediate effect.

Use of the township park’s municipal field was also carried unanimously. All organizations will submit proof of insurance prior to using the field, and have agreed to cooperate on scheduling conflicts.