Route 309

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to pass underneath.

The speed limit will be reduced to 35 mph and restrictions will be placed on trucks. According to Dan Fox, PennDOT traffic control supervisor, trucks over 10.5 tons will not be permitted to go down the northbound lane from 4 a. m. to 11 p. m. and no trucks will be allowed to go up the mountain during the lane restriction.

There will also be two portable cameras installed in the work zone so residents will be able to view the traffic situation on PennDOT’s 511 website. A message board will also be placed by Blackman Street.

Fairview Township Supervisor Bob Orloski expressed his concerns regarding the trucks waiting to go down the mountain. “I am concerned trucks will be lining up along Route 309 before 11 p. m. until they can travel,” said Orloski. He encouraged businesses in the Crestwood Industrial Park to hold their trucks back so there won’t be any problems. Orloski added that the township will enforce any means necessary to alleviate that situation.

The impact of the project on emergency vehicles was also discussed. Novitski explained there will be two openings in the barrier for emergency responders. PennDOT will also keep the 911 call center informed of closures and will be notified one day ahead of time when blasting is planned. “PennDOT will be committed to keeping the com center informed for emergency vehicles,” he said.

Safety was stressed throughout the meeting and it was also noted there will be two inspectors on the job at all times.

“The underlying problem on this mountain is speed,” said Orloski. “I am urging people to exercise patience, common sense and watch their speed. Carelessness could cause a major problem.”

Yoniski emphasized the importance of all officials and agencies communicating with each other to address any issues that may arise. He noted last week’s meeting was the seventh held in an effort to address project details and keep everyone informed.

The next meeting to discuss the project is scheduled May 1 at 10 a. m. at the Fairview Township Municipal Building.