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sending water runoff into her basement if it rained too much, or if there was a large volume of snow.

Attorney Donald Karpowich, temporary Solicitor for the Board, explained storm water management regulations are in place that businesses would have to follow. “The township won’t allow that to happen,” he said.

Jennifer Gower also noted that she has three children, said that because of traffic in the area accessing I-81 she has a fenced yard and feels that it would not be safe to let her children outside if there is a business directly behind her home. Gower also questioned residential property values next to a business zone.

Bob Gower voiced concern over a paper road that runs by his house, close to his driveway. The paper road is laid out in a plan for development and is owned by Rice Township.

The property in question is landlocked, and according to Bob Gower, the paper road would give developers access to the property. Gower said attempted to buy the land the road is on to ensure that it would not be developed, but it is still owned by the Township. “In five years, I don’t want to see a road through my yard,” he said.

Dale Williams, who lives on Church Road asked “How are we supposed to vote on this without a traffic study?” Turowski replied that they can’t do a traffic study until they know what the property will be used for.

The audience was polled, and no one was in favor of approving the application. When asked to respond to any of the comments residents made, Hayden declined. However, Turowski said, “Many issues raised at the hearing involve land development issues, not rezoning.”

The Board of Supervisors called an executive session at 7:52 pm, and left to discuss their decision. At 8:00 pm, they returned, and proposed a motion to deny the application, which was unanimously carried.