Crestwood School District Requests Snow-Day Relief

When the Crestwood School District Board of Directors met on Thursday, March 20th, Spring was only a few hours old, but the rough winter season was still on the agenda.

Barring another snow day this week, Crestwood leaders are hoping that the last day of school for K to 11 grades will coincide with the long-planned date for graduation –June 13th.

Lead by Board President Jerry Orloski, the members moved through an agenda including a vote to approve an exemption request to the “PA Department of Education for an Act 80 exception for the school year 2013-14 for the following days: Dec. 3, 2013 and Feb. 18, 2014.”

Making up the many lost school days in this bitter, snow-bound winter is a challenge -one that the administration is working to meet. With the state required 180-day school year in mind, the Administration, under Superintendent David McLaughlin-Smith, has pared the existing school year of any spare days.

With the approved calendar set to define Spring Break as April 17 to April 22, after months of snow and unsafe wind chills, the new vacation shows as only Friday April 18th and Monday, April 21.

Likewise, the traditional Memorial Day break was shortened from a four day respite and is now reduced to Monday alone.

Under Academic Programs, Committee Chair Mike Marshall recommended seeking an exemption from the state to declare two parent-teacher conference days as school days.

With the state’s okay, the entire school enrollment will find classes ending on Friday, June 13th, which is the day of the Crestwood Graduation set for 6 pm and the Mohegan Sun Arena.

Marshall’s committee also asked for approval for the Class of 2014 to utilize, “up to three Saturdays for commencement preparation,” leading up to graduation.

In an associated measure, Finance Committee Chair Ken Malkemes requested and received approval to apply $2,400 of funds from senior “parking permits” to benefit the “Crestwood High School PTSA for the senior lock in.”

This annual event follows the traditional Junior/Senior Prom which is “scheduled for April 26th at Genetti’s in Hazleton. The event is planned for 5-10 PM with entertainment provided by DJ Bobby from Harry C. Productions,” according to Student Representatives Kyle Rozitski and Kristiana Bowman, who were assisted this school year by Alternate Ian Egan.

As the end of the school year approaches, veteran Confidential

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