Brady Seeks Donations To Take Part In ‘People To People’ Program
Tyler Brady

Tyler Brady, a 16-year old sophomore at Mid Valley High School in Scranton, was recently accepted into “People to People”, a program that sends students on trips that they otherwise would not be able to take. Acceptance into this program is based on recognition of teachers or administrators for hard work, citizenship, and other qualities of that nature. Tyler has maintained a high grade point average (3.7 or above) for his entire academic career, has played on numerous sports teams including football, soccer, and baseball, and maintained a great relationship with his peers and teachers.

Tyler achieved this high success despite a visual impairment that makes it difficult for him to do many things without assistance. Because he is legally blind, Tyler needs large print, blue paper, a CCTV (a laptop sized enlargement device), and occasionally a cane.

Tyler his lost his father, Jim Brady, in early 2012 in a car accident. Jim was a graduate of Crestwood High School. “He was my hero, and always wanted me to do this as to help me get into a good college. I’m asking you for help,” says Tyler.

The trip Tyler has been selected for is a leadership summit for political and foreign affairs. He will be in NYC and stay at Columbia University for four days where he will visit Ellis Island, meet Hamid Al-Bayati (the Iraqi ambassador to the U. N.) and tour the U. N., among other things. After NYC, he and his group will be traveling south to the Capitol, Washington D. C., where they will stay at George Washington University and visit different museums, monuments, and work on a resolution for the U. N.

In order for Tyler to participate, he is asking for financial help. He has to raise approximately $2500.

If you or your business is willing to donate any amount, it will be greatly appreciated, and be put to good use. This trip will help Tyler in his future ambition of becoming a lawyer, and later entering politics.

You can help Tyler to raise money for the Political Ambassadors Program. If you wish to donate, please go to