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“One of the things that I thought was interesting, was that out of the 49 people there were 13 that said that they were satisfied with current zoning regulations –17 thought that they should be tightened, which is kind of a surprise…”

Of the respondents, Snelson added, “Twenty-eight thought that the roads that are the township responsibility were adequately maintained, and about half that number disagreed, they thought that they weren’t.”

Snelson concluded that he found the biggest surprise to be that, “For police protection, on the utilizing the Pennsylvania State Police –23 agreed that it was okay; 20 disagreed…”

Snelson said that other comments included in the survey will be tallied and analyzed. He did note that, “Oddly enough of the people that made the comments that the taxes were too high, were those that wanted the police force.”

In other matters, Karpowich advised that there is movement on a punch list on the Button Land Use Plan and also there is a pending submission on the Kleppinger Plan, which is located South Main Road.

“So planning will probably have two Land Development plans in April if everything goes right.” Specifically, he said that Snelson and he worked on the Button Plan to create a final check list of compliance issues, “They are in the process of addressing our comments and we are hoping that they submit a revised Land Development Plan this month for presentation at the Planning Commission meeting in April.”

The Land Development Plan for the Kleppinger-owned towing company is in the works as a result of a notice of zoning violation issued by Snelson. Karpowich notes, “There was an appeal before the zoning hearing board that is being held in abeyance pending Kleppinger’s filing of a Land Development Plan.

Under Public Comment, Prospect Road resident Gina Nevenglosky told supervisors that her neighbors reported that youths were approaching homes and spraying mace when the door was answered. Vice Chairman Royce Engler, Wright Township Police Chief, responded with surprise, saying “This is the first I am hearing about it.” Zane asked if they called the state police, and encouraged residents to call the police if they encounter any illegal activities.

She also said that she learned this while collecting signatures on a petition calling for the repair of potholes on her road. Zane said that they are working on getting them filled, and the township has also filed for a grant to get that road resurfaced.

Subyak Road resident John Skirchak came to thank the township for the road crews quick response when he called about a dangerous icing problem. “They were there within a half an hour… and with the plowing, our road was beautiful. I’d like to commend them for that.”