Wright Twp. Police Accept Health Insurance Contributions

Wright Township Supervisors, lead by Chairman Donald Zampetti, voted to approve an agreement requiring contributions by police toward their health care coverage at the board’s March 10 municipal meeting.

The report was presented under New Business and introduced by Solicitor Michael Kostelansky stating, “An addendum to the Police Collective Bargaining Agreement has been prepared to modify the health insurance contributions and the benefits waiver policy.”

The amendment to the benefit policy removes the previous requirement that members wait until after October 1st to request benefit revisions resulting from a “significant life changing event.”

In addition, the police department members will begin contributions to their health insurance in the amount of 1% in the year 2015 and 2% in 2016. The board of supervisors voted 4 in favor, with Colleen Macko abstaining because it affects a family member.

A second settlement agreement resolved an issue with Officer Brian Macko relating to a “dispute” over Heart and Lung benefits. On a motion by Supervisor Lou Welbob, the board “approved a settlement of a claim for Heart/Lung Benefits by Officer Macko for the sum of $4,766.87 as full and complete satisfaction of the HLA salary benefit claim…” Again the vote reflected four in favor and an abstention by Supervisor Macko.

Rounding out the actions regarding the police department, the Solicitor presented, “An addendum to the Police Chief’s contract which will modify the agreement to include the benefits waiver policy and contributions for health insurance premiums as in the Police Collective Bargaining Agreement.”

Supervisor Candace Smith made the motion to enact the agreement and the vote was unanimous.

Chief Royce Engler supplied the board with the February Police report list reflecting 271 incidents addressed including citations for “Theft-$200 & Over from Auto; Theft –Under $500 from Buildings… Simple Physical Assault; Fraud, Vandalism; Driving under the Influence; Public Drunkenness; Harassment by Communication; Fighting; Harassment; Disorderly

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