St. Jude’s Parish Offering Lenten Journey of Conversion

St. Jude ‘s Parish is inviting parishioners to gather each week to reflect on the call to conversion. In Conversion: Following the Call of Christ,” Fr. Robert Barron helps us to understand this call by examining six stories in Scripture. Each session is designed for approximately one hour. The majority of the session will focus on Fr. Barron’s DVD. There will also be a short presentation on one of the secrets of confession, based on the book 7 Secrets of Confession by

Vinny Flynn. It is not necessary to read the book for this presentation.

The dates and times for these sessions are as follows:

The Calling of Matthew -It’s Not Just About Forgiveness -2 p. m. on March 16 at St. Jude’s, 7 p. m. on March 18 at St. Mary’s, 7 p. m. on March 20 at St. Jude’s’

The Woman at the Well -Your Sin is Different From My Sin -2 p. m. on March 23 at St. Jude’s, 7 p. m. on March 25 at St. Mary’s, 7 p. m. on March 27 at St. Jude’s.

The Rich Young Man -Confession is Never Really Private -2 p. m. on March 30 at St. Jude’s, 7 p. m. on April 1 at St. Mary’s, 7 p. m. April 3 at St. Jude’s.

Jonah -You’ve Got Mail -2 p. m. on April 6 at St. Jude’s, 7 p. m. on April 8 at St. Mary’s, 7 p. m. on April 10 at St. Jude’s.

Journey of the Magi -New Wine Needs New Skin -You Have to Let Go of Your Chains -2 p. m. on April 13 at St. Jude’s, 7 p. m. on April 15 at St. Mary’s. Discussions will not be held at St. Jude’s on April 17 due to Holy Thursday.

The Pilgrim Virgin Statue will be at the home of Cynthia and Keith Wasley and children Isabella and Owen through March 15. For more information, call Gloria at 868-5346.

The following fast and abstinence regulations are to be observed: Fridays during Lent are days of abstinence. All Catholics who have reached their 14th birthday are to abstain from eating meat on all Fridays during Lent. All Catholics over 18 years of age to the beginning of their 60th year are bound to the obligation of fasting. Those bound by this rule may take only one full meal and two smaller meals unless dispensed or excused.

Parishioners are able to see a priest for confession any Monday during Lent in any Catholic parish in the Diocese of Scranton between 5:30 p. m. to 7 p. m. Visit www.dioceseofscranton.organd see The Light Is On For You page for resources about confession and a directory of parishes by location.

A VIRTUS training session is scheduled on Monday, March 17 at Misericordia University in Dallas from 4 p. m. until 7 p. m. in McDowell Hall, Room 105. Call 570-674-6761to register and for directions. VIRTUS: Protecting God’s Children for Adults Program is a mandatory 3-hour training session for all employees and adult volunteers who work with children in the Diocese of Scranton. This training focuses on ways to make and maintain a safe environment for all children. Volunteers must also complete a background clearance.

Weekday Masses at St. Jude’s are Monday through Friday at 7 a. m. and Wednesday at 12:10 p. m. Weekday Masses at St. Mary’s are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 8 a. m. Saturday Vigil Masses are 4 p. m. at St. Jude’s and 5:30 p. m. at St. Mary’s. Sunday Masses are 7:30 a. m., 9 a. m., 10:30 a. m. and noon at St. Jude’s and 9 a. m. at St. Mary’s. For further information, call the Parish Center at 570-474-6315.

Parish Center hours are 9 a. m. -7 pm. on Mondays; 7:30 a. m. -4 p. m. on Tuesdays; and 9 a. m. -4 p. m. Wednesdays through Fridays.