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Shrubbery has taken a beating along withCherry trees and certain types of evergreens that cannot tolerate cold temperatures and high winds,” explains George. Many times that means the need for pruning, and if one is not careful, you can do more harm than good if you aren’t sure what you are doing. While the last few winters have been warmer than normal and allowed plants native to more southern regions, such as the Eastern Redbud tree to flourish, homeowners may find themselves pruning back damage from those same trees. And, while this lingering winter may not necessarily mean

acold spring, Albright says that one should reallypay attention to the local weather before planting anything. While fruit trees can be planted as soon as the soil thaws enough to dig the

hole for the root ball, the typical rule of thumb for one’s garden is to wait until Memorial Day; but George points out it all depends on the weather. “ Weather has a huge impact. Frost can always come late and affect plants and trees,” notes George. Ah, the weather; The lousy, cold, grey, winter weather. Spring has to be right around the corner. For more information on Glen Summit Greenhouse and Landscaping, you can call

GeorgeAlbright at 474-9942 or 706-1327 Albright’s Continued from page 1 because there was simply nowhere to put the snow that was plowed. Marhold also noted that there

was a problem with water runoff on the new paving on Forest Road. The snow was so high and out so far that when it began to melt, there was nowhere for it to go but on the road. Marhold said he took care of the problem after receiving a call from a resident. In other business, the board received correspondence from North Branch Land Trust asking for a letter of support for the Glen Summit Williams Tract Easement Acquisition Project. This is a project to acquire a privately owned property of 400 acres in the arbutus peak lands that will be used for conservation, since the land contains trees and plant life and a rare moth that needs to be protected. The board carried a motion to send this letter of support. The board also approved motions

topurchase a 2015 Chevy Silverado 3500HD with a dump, plow, spreader, and other equipment; accepted a quote

from Rod Vencak Construction for a proposal to remodel the meeting room into police offices; and adopted

Resolution No. 3-3-14-2 to apply to DNCR for a park development grant fornew playground equipmentand