On and Off The Mountain/Stephanie Grubert

dock project lapse. Now two years after Thomas was elected to the board the dock will be a reality. There are other positive things going on in Rice. A local Girl Scout Brownie Troop based at Rice Elementary will organize, promote and implement the Rice Township Easter Egg Hunt this year. The project was scrapped last year after the Rice supervisor majority was unable to organize the event. Public funds expended at previous Rice Township

Easter Egg Hunts ranged from $ 1200 to $ 1600, six to eight times the amount spent by neighboring Fairview and Wright Townships for their hunt. The current board settled on $ 800 for their donation to the recreation event. Rice has

a recreation fund

with $ 14,608 in the bank. Although I think $ 800 is fairly extravagant for one event, the current board has struck a reasonable tone. Also on the Rice radar is legitimizing their ownership of Heslop Road, which has been in continuous public use for 200 years, and clearing the public right of way for parking for hunters andother recreation patrons. I walk tothe Heslop Road/ State Gamelands entry from myhouse. It is only 1.1 miles and although it has hills and curves, the walk is a wonderful workout. I know all the landmarks along the way for mileage. I walked that stretch for years and now I can easily keep

track of my progress with my iPhone Pedometer App. Heslop is on every GPS map in the world as it should be. It is and will continue to be a public road. I will implore the Rice board to remove the ugly fence posts and discarded gate that were

erected and discarded at the end of the graveled portion last summer. Iknow the historyof how they were installed and that sorry story has come to an end. I love to walk the new Black Diamond Sectionof the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor Trail over in Wright Township to WhiteHaven, but having a challenging uphill hike withinwalking distance of my house is even better. Soon all the ice and snow will

be melted and greening up the meadows and forests. Spring Reunion I’m gearing up for my 50th Reunion from Holy Names Academy Class of 1964 in May. The reunion committee has been beating the drums for the

past year to find classmates andget everybody excited about coming. It is a sales job for the organizers as some classmates just aren’t going to participate without urging. I have enjoyed going to reunions for the past 50 years for all sorts of things. Sometimes I don’t really remember the other participants, but we all seem to find a common bond to enjoy the moment. Nametags are absolutely essential. Nature has changed us and our memories may not be as sharp as we

hope. The Holy Names event is in May, which is usually a very beautiful time of the year in Seattle. At least the night of my senior prom was warm and enjoyable and that was May 10, 1964. We shall see. The other exciting springtime ritual that

I am anxiously looking forward to is GOLF. I didn’t plan it, but circumstances dictated that I purchase a new set of golf clubs this spring. My new Callaway X Hot clubs are ready for action. I know my friends Tony Barletta and Flo Alba at Blue Ridge Trail Golf Club are anxious to see their

golf customers

too. We have some Grubert grandchildren birthdays coming up this month. Penelope “ Penny” Oona Wolpert, daughter of Amy Grubert and Chris Wolpert will be one years old on March 15. Just one week later Margaret “ Maggie” Covington Dicus, daughter of Lara and Mark Dicus will be 6. These lucky little girls will be

the older ones in their school classes. Nothing like getting a head start! They have an opportunity for leadership. They also have the invitation to learn to play golf with Mema! ‘ FIGHT FOR FRED FUNDRAISER’ was held at III Guys Restaurant & Sports Bar, Mountain Top last Sunday. Approximately 300 people attended the event that benefited Fred Millet, who has been diagnosed with AML Terminal Leukemia. The fundraiser featured live music, food specials and $ 1.75 pints. 50% of the food proceeds will go directly to the family to benefit Fred. Shown are Fred and

Lynette Millet. A Brownie Girl Scout Troop led by Holly Guidish at Rice Elementary proposed that the Brownie troop run the Rice Township Easter Egg Hunt from beginning to end this year. Guidish explained that the 15 third graders in the troop will earn a service project badge from this project, and they want to serve the community. The Easter Egg Hunt has been scheduled

for Saturday, April 5. Supervisors Taney and Marcia Thomas agreed with theplan. 10 cents from each box of Girl Scout cookies sold goes back to the troop, and this money will be used to buysupplies for the Easter Egg Hunt. There will be special prizes and an area for children with special needs. The troop will insure that advertising is in place to make the event successful. In addition the board agreed unanimously to donate $ 800 to the scouts for supplies. Joe