with already established plants, as well as

65 percent of the collected litter on 10,859miles of cleaned up roadway. Through the AAH program, volunteers collect litter on a two-mile section of

state highway four times a year. The program currently has nearly 7,000 participating groups, more than 117,000 volunteers and 15,140 miles of adopted state-maintained roadways. Interested individuals can find a listing ofcleanup events,resources for organizing a cleanup and other information about the effort online at www. gacofpa. org. Groups

interestedin adopting a section of highway are encouraged to contact their local PennDOT County Maintenance office and ask for the AAH coordinator, orvisit www. dot. state. pa. us. Volunteers Invited To Join Statewide Spring Cleaning Road Crew Continued from page 1 Mountain Calendar Note: Calendar

notices must have phone numbers. that one can’t find in the “ big box” stores such as HomeDepot, Kmart or Lowes. While many people think that those stores

offer cheaper products, George cautions that what they are bringing home can be, in many cases, an inferior product because of shipping time from warmer

climates and the care, or lack of care, they receive once they arrive at the facility. Not only that, but plants native to other parts of the country also bring with them diseases native to other parts of the country, potentially jeopardizing already established gardens and landscapes in this area.

“ Cheaper is not always better,” notes George. “ Localgreenhouse plants are well cared for and in most cases, more resilient than bulk retailers because they are grown locally and well cared for.” So, when the flower

or garden bug hits you, and it probably will sooner rather than later, support the local greenhouse in your area for your springplantor

Easter flower fix. While you are there, keep in mind that greenhouse and landscape experts can also help you overcome some of the issues that the harshwinter may have caused