Rice Township Road Crew On Top Of Road Maintenance

Rice Township Roadmaster Mark Taney told the public that his crew was on top of the winter snow maintenance program at the monthly board of supervisors meeting Tuesday March 4. “Our boys have been busy all winter. The road crews have been out doing cold patching, which is not a permanent fix, and some roads are beyond patching.” Taney said the township engineer will evaluate all township roads, and proposals will be put together to determine the cost breakdown of fixing them. Roads will be repaired according to most traveled and most used levels.

Taney said he called Representative Mullery’s office, everybody in PennDot and up the line to President Obama to find funding. Taney is also in touch with Congressman Barletta’s office. “Be assured that we are going to fix the roads. It is a matter of public safety,” said Taney.

“The trucks took a beating this winter. We had a lot of repairs. We had two trucks available out of four before a major storm and were wondering if we could get them repaired. What I would like to propose and this is only for emergency situations. Other towns have a plan B. They have an outside contractor that would come in and assist us if it was a major snowstorm.”

PennDOT recently increased fuel taxes by 8%. “Money is tight right now,” added Taney. Liquid fuels funds will increase by only 8%.

Police Chief Bob Franks reported 230 Incidents, 90 Complaints, 1 accident and 29 assist calls. There was one criminal arrest for DUI.

Treasurer Barbara Wasiakowski reported on the township’s finances. Cash on hand $289,626.43 in the general account, $40,300.73 in liquid fuels, and $14,608.20 in the recreation fund.

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