John Tinner-Only Man Standing In The Fitness Place ‘Biggest Loser’

John Tinner is the only man standing in the Biggest Loser competition underway at The Fitness Place in Mountaintop.

However, John doesn’t consider it a competition anymore. He relates that Diane Hanlon, Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified Spin Instructor, and owner of the Fitness Place, pushed the members away from thinking of it as a competition; preferring to focus on the lifestyle changes that result in weight loss. John remarks, “Call it a change of life.”

John also states that the prize is not the makeover: “You’re winning a better life,” he says. John wasn’t the only man in the competition when the group met for the first time on November 17, 2013. He points out that there was one other man in the group, but he dropped out after two weeks.

The hardest part for John was, as he

called it,“getting into the regiment.” John, who is 45, said that the last time he really exercised before this competition was when he was in high school as an athlete. Getting out of his old eating habits was also difficult for John. He stresses the importance of portion control in his diet and he has not had any soda since beginning this competition. John notes that the best part of the whole experience for him is losing the weight.

“I can’t say anything bad about anyone!” says John. He explained that everyone he works with at The Fitness Place is extremely motivating and helpful. John has lost 38.4 pounds at this point, which he explained is 10 percent of his body weight, according to Kristin Joseph, a registered dietician who helps the contestants by improving their eating habits.

His wife, Lisa Tinner, who is also part of the final four competitors, has lost 35 pounds as a result of the hard work the couple has put in.