Free Clinic In Dire Need Of Medical Volunteers

The St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Free Medical Clinic is in grave danger of limiting, or ending, the service. Their request is a simple one: that licensed doctors, physician assistants, and nurses donate two hours of their time every four to six weeks. The Free Clinic has been held on Monday nights from 6:30 to 8:30 p. m. for most of the past 26 years. The clinic provides medications and other resources for acute, episodic care such as sore throats, respiratory and other infections, physician referrals and other help for approximately fifteen patients every Monday night. Flu vaccine is sometimes available.

A free medical clinic is clearly a valuable service to the community

who rely on it. St. Paul’s pastor Michelle Kauffman says that their clientele may not be what people imagine. “While many are insured, they may not have the forty dollar co-pay for covered services. And while the Affordable Care Act may

all. Many need prescriptions that are not covered, and some just need a little help with a temporary issue or illness,” she explains.

“It is those folks, caught between the cracks of the system, who rely the most on the clinic. There are many who make too much, but don’t make enough,” says Kauffman. Children are at most risk, since simple illnesses can often have long term, or even lifelong complications if not treated quickly and corrected. One woman called the clinic her “godsend”, citing the compassion and kindness of those

Until now, the clinic has been open

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and of incalculable value to those

up and running, it is not a fix for

the clinic.