Winter Road Maintenance Stretches Township Budgets

Mountaintop’s 2014 winter road maintenance township budgets have been stretched. Frequent storms have depleted salt supplies and potholes are everywhere. The 2013-2014 winter season dumped more than 5 feet of snow in Mountaintop according to WNEP Chief Metereoroligist Tom Clark. The area also had the most sub-zero days in more than 50 years.

Wright Township Supervisor Don Zampetti says they recently received two shipments of salt, and had seven more on the way. Wright has 27 miles of township roads and a $45,000 road budget. Cold patching potholes is underway until the weather is warm enough to use the regular asphalt. “Constant rising and falling of temperatures creates potholes. We just have to keep filling the potholes up. This winter is one of the worst we’ve had in years,” explains Zampetti.

Fairview Township Supervisor Russ Marhold says 29-30 miles of his township’s roads are in bad shape, just like everyone else. Road crews are patching potholes by Lake Road and Main Road so far. “They are out doing what they can. Three trucks of salt came in on February 21. Fairview has spent two-thirds of their road maintenance budget for the winter.”

Rice Township Roadmaster Mark Taney is expecting their last two salt shipments from their PennDot piggyback contract, which offers product at a reduced rate. Mark says, “It’s the only way to go. Many municipalities purchase salt through PennDot. Rice Township is ready for the next winter storm, but our vehicles have taken a lot of abuse. Rice Township has approximately 16 miles of roads and while road crews have been out patching potholes, many roads are falling apart and are beyond patching.”