KNIGHTS COUNCIL #6440 FREE THROW WINNERS-The council winners of the Basketball free throw contest held on Jan. 19th at St. Jude gym for the Knights of Columbus #6440 are as follows: Boys, age 9, Caden Sparich; age 10, Nicholas Ruggeri; age 11, Dominic Albertil; age 12, Dominic Capaci; age 13, Jeremy Harper; and age 14, Anthony Ruggeri. Girls: age 10, Katie Ritsick; age 11, Breanna Kijek; age 12, Grace Dacey; age 13, Morghan Murphy; and age 14, Amanda Craine. All participated in the District level free throw, shooting 25 consecutive free throws from the foul line. District winners will go on to the Regional competition. Shown, front from left: Caden Sparich, Dominic Alberti ,Nick Ruggeri , Morghan Murphy , and Katie Ritsick. Back: Breanna Kijek, Mike Golubiewski, District Deputy; Jeremy Harper, Anthony Ruggeri, Dominic Capaci, and Grace Dacey.