four are left of the six that remained after the first weigh-in in November.

Initially, those still competing were only supposed to receive two weeks of free services at The Fitness Place, which included spin classes (riding stationary bikes), nutrition classes, and sessions with a personal trainer. However, it was decided that the free service would continue as long as those who remained continued to lose weight. The contestants were required to attend six 45-minute spin classes per week and have two 45-minute training sessions per week with a personal trainer, keep a food journal recording what they ate, and attend a weight loss class or meet with Kristin once per week.

Diane and Kristin stress the monetary value of the services these contestants are receiving during the competition, considering the first nutrition class is $30 and five dollars for each additional week. The spin classes cost $30 per week; with two workouts, would be $20 per week! The contestants receive all of these services free as they continue to lose weight.

Kristin and Diane also point out the importance of exercise and nutrition in helping anyone to lose weight. Kristin notes, “People aren’t successful unless they do both.” She explains that for the contestants, losing five, ten or even fifteen percent of their body weight is huge for their overall health. “The weight number is not as important as the health improvement,” stresses Kristin. Diane explains why frequent exercise is important to weight loss. “People have to understand that it’s a commitment,” she says. The trainers that work with either the contestants or with The Fitness Place members train one on one or in small groups of two or three. Diane explains that the trainers do a lot of hand holding with people, since it is more helpful for those trying to get in better shape.

Carol Davis, one of the final four contestants, praised the training sessions and how accommodating the trainers are. She explains they work around her work schedule, enabling her to get her workout in at 5:30 in the morning.

Diane says they try to target everything, not just specific things, like toning the arms or legs. She describes her original goal for the workouts as a combination of strength and cardio exercises that would “burn 300 calories in 30 minutes.” Diane also explains that weight has to be lost before people can tone their bodies; otherwise “they’re just toning fat.”

Husband and wife, John and Lisa Tinner, are losing weight together. Lisa wrote a letter to get only her husband into the competition, but notes she “got roped into it”. She explains that junk food was totally eliminated from both of their diets, which was the hardest thing for her, along with just watching what she eats in general. “I’m a sweet eater,” she confessed. John used to drink diet soda regularly, and now, according to Lisa, he has not touched it since he started this program. He was also not thrilled about going to the workouts, but now he loves them. Lisa relates she has more energy now, and praises both Diane and Kristin for their guidance through the process.

Michelle Stenrich is happy she entered the program, remarking, “It’s definitely worth it.” She tried to lose weight other times, even considering Weight Watchers, but she couldn’t do