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along with those positions.”

Parent Tom Richards stated, “As far as the 7th and 8th grade sports, we have something to add. We have organized and we actually have about 650 signatures on a petition just to show that there’s a lot of community support for the reinstatement of the 7th and 8th grade activities.”

Board President Jerry Orloski thanked the parents for submitting the petition, adding, “On behalf of the board, this was a budgetary issue.”

The only calculation possible in effecting the last day of school is one that will account for the winter weather yet to come. McLaughlin-Smith could merely advise that for now graduation is still scheduled for June 13, but “Our snow days now have kindergarten through 11th grade now going through Monday, June 16th. Because of the way the law’s written, the seniors have two more snow days before we have to consider changing graduation.”

In response to questions from the board, the superintendent assured that the contract with the arena, at a cost not to exceed $4,500, includes two “slide days,” allowing for alternate dates if the weather requires.

For the second month, the board heard pleas from parents to preserve the Crestwood Swim Team –a misnomer says McLaughlin-Smith, since there is no Crestwood Swim Team. The supporters say that they only need the administration’s permission for now and possibly a minimal cost for Crestwood children to participate with other schools’ teams in the future.

The superintendent remained resolute in his recommendation to dissolve the swim team and the directors voted their agreement. However, Director Ken Malkemes confirmed with McLaughlin-Smith that Crestwood students could still swim with other teams. After additional discussion McLaughlin-Smith agreed to reach out to other organizations about this issue one more time.

Other Co-Curricular actions included the following appointments for extracurricular positions for the 2014 –15 school year: Jeffrey Bellas –Asst. Varsity, Head Jr. High Golf Coach –$2556 –District Employee; Patricia Moratori –Asst. Varsity Field Hockey Coach -$4232 –District Employee; Amy Daniel –Head Jr. High Field Hockey Coach -$4232; Kimberly Schuler –Asst. Varsity/ J. V. Field Hockey Coach -$4232; Anthony DeLuca –Asst. Varsity Tennis Coach -$2556; Chelsea Pike –Asst. Varsity, J. V. Girls Volleyball Coach -$3022; Ryan Arcangeli –Asst. Varsity, Head JV Football Coach -$4232 –District Employee; and Kyle Kutney –Asst. Varsity, Head JH Football Coach -$4232.

The board also approved extracurricular positions for the 2013-14 school year: William Baratta –Asst. Varsity, JV Baseball Coach -$3047; Jim Taleroski –Asst. Varsity, Head JH Baseball Coach -$3047; Brian Macko –Baseball VOLUNTEER; Dave Darden –Baseball VOLUNTEER; and John Monfiletto –Baseball VOLUNTEER –pending receipt of final clearances.