Police Reports

On February 14, 2014, Wright Township Officer Michael Marshall, along with Rice Officer Suda, responded to the Crossroads Inn on a report of a domestic dispute.

Upon arrival, the officers were met by Vanessa Kubik of Apartment No. 1. She stated her boyfriend, Kurt Smith, flipped out in the apartment. He hit and slapped her, broke furniture and glassware. Smith then threw Vanessa Kubik out of the apartment in her underwear. She stated that Smith then threatened to shoot her and her mother with a rifle and handgun he had in the corner of the apartment, Kubik had red marks and bruises on her arms and face along with a black eye.

Vanessa Kubik’s mother, Susan

Kubik, who rents the apartment, stated Kurt Smith was fighting with her daughter, Vanessa, and then started breaking things in the apartment. She further states Smith head butted her into a door. She received a laceration to her finger and complained of back and stomach pain.

Smith fled the scene before police arrived and could not be located. A rifle and 38 cal. Colt handgun, ammo, and magazines for the rifle were seized by Officer Marshall. Charges of Simple Assault, Recklessly Endangering Another Person, and Terroristic Threats were filed with Magistrate Ronald Swank.