The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser has come to Mountaintop! No, not the popular TV show, but a similar contest hosted by The Fitness Place, located at 54 North Mountain Blvd.

The competition, which began on November 7, 2013, started with 12 contestants and is down to the final four! The winner will be the contestant who lost the most weight by the end of a six-month period, which will be in May. In addition to capturing the prize of a new, healthy lifestyle and weight loss, the winner will be treated to a makeover! The makeover will be courtesy of local businesses in the Mountaintop area.

The contest was the idea of The Fitness Place owner, personal trainer, and certified spin instructor, Diane A. Hanlon, and registered dietician, Kristin Joseph. They also teamed up to assist the contestants in their weight loss efforts. The final four contestants, John and Lisa Tinner, Michelle Stenrich, and Carol Davis, are all extremely grateful for the experience. “It’s been wonderful, everyone is so encouraging!” says Lisa.

The process began with an ad in the Mountaintop Eagle, requesting a photograph and letter describing why the contestants should be part of this contest. Kristen explains, “We just want to show people that they can lose weight.” The Fitness Place received 12 letters. Originally, only one person was going to be chosen and there would be no competing, but Kristin and Diane decided to give all of them a chance. Half of the contestants dropped out after the group’s first meeting, and now only

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