Crestwood School Board Reinstates K-8 Programs

While winter was still in evident outside, at the February 20th meeting the Crestwood School Directors were focused on June events: budget time and graduation.

And like the first hints of spring, the board offered pleasant prospects with the news that all of the K through 8th grade programs erased due to budget concerns will be reinstated in the 2014 –15 school year.

The board also confirmed that graduation is still set for June 13th at the Mohegan Sun Arena.

With a large group of parents present, the discussions from previous months regarding the importance of junior grade sports and arts programs were preempted when Co-Curricular Chair Norbert Dotzel announced a motion not appearing on the distributed agenda.

In the committee report, introduced at the work session preceding the formal meeting, he said, “Recommend consideration and approve reinstating all K -8 activities including 7th and 8th grade sports and coaches to the levels that existed to prior to the budget cuts for the 2011-12 school year.”

When asked for clarification, Superintendent David McLaughlin-Smith replied, “Before the budget cuts the district had someone to have elementary choir; that’s being reinstated. There was a Middle School Band, that’s reinstated. Intramural, there was an audiovisual position –that’ll be reinstated; drama, the newspaper, the year book; the coaches and the benefits that go

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