ST. JUDE’S PRESCHOOLERS CREATE SNOW PALS-One of the winter traditions for the 5-day prekindergarten class at St. Jude School is creating snow pals. This family fun project yielded quite a unique collection of snow pal friends that will be around long after winter is over. The students were directed to be as creative as they possibly could, which led to the use of everything from buttons, pasta, pom poms, twigs, feathers, and beads, to a variety of fabrics, costume jewelry and accessories and much more. Snow pals included princesses, pirates, a mermaid, fairies, and even Little Red Riding Hood. Shown in front with their snow pals are: Alexis Chandler and Abigail Chandler. Back: Allen Seifert, Denali Albright, and Baylee Makarczyk.