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previously permitted property back in the ‘70s and ‘80s. So we issued a certificate of zoning compliance and non-conformity.”

While the planning commission had no business, Township Solicitor Donald Karpowich, announced that he and the zoning officer “generated a land development punch list for Atty. Dean for the Button Oil Company Land Development application.”

He said that the resolution of the punch list items should open the door for a Final Land Development submission to the planning commission next month.

Snelson added, “The letter went out last week to Jack Dean with the final items. There were six items: the Highway Occupancy Permit; stabilization of the slopes; delineation of the wetlands behind the property; a list of all the nonconforming things –there’s a host of things on the property that are nonconforming, they will appear on the plan.” He said a few other items are listed, but overall, the plan is “very, very close.”

Atty. Karpowich advised, “The other thing we are going to be looking at maybe is a fee schedule and a zoning hearing on the Kleppinger case given the fact that a Land Development Plan has not been submitted as of yet. And it’s been how many months?”

Snelson replied, “Seven.”

Segueing into Spring events, the board approved the use of the township’s recreation field for baseball, soccer and lacrosse in the coming months.

In correspondence, the Dorrance Twp. Volunteer Fire

Department reported that the officers for 2014 are Jeff Kotarsky, President; Ed Myers, Vice-president; Janet Jones and Lisa Brozoski, Treasurers; and Valerie Zane, Secretary. The group also submitted a statement identifying how the township’s $16,000 annual donation was used in 2013. The board also approved

Fire Company activities for the year 2014.

Under Public Comment, resident Joe Chalawick congratulated the township officials for reporting the use of the grounds for illegal activities. Recent news stories reported the discovery of drug related activities near the township building.

He also asked for a formal report

on a recent hearing for the transfer of a PA Liquor License from Nanticoke to the JL Market on Blue Ridge Trail.

Chalawick was informed that the minutes from the public hearing are available.

The board approved the transfer at a public hearing held on December 9, 2013.

The next township meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 10, 2014 at 7 pm.