Taxpayer Challenges Unnecessary Expenditures By Public Schools
Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor,

Taxpayers are losing their homes to sheriff sales at alarming rates. People are doing without food and medicine to pay for public school sports, extracurricular activities, and teachers.

I love sports, but not enough to lose my house for them. I asked what the Constitution stated about sports and education at a school board meeting. The Superintendent told me that education will be paid for, not sports.

Lawmakers continue to get away with the mess some may call legalized robbery. I’m paying property taxes since 1965 and from 1985 in two school districts.

In the 1970s, when my kids were in school, I had to watch the 11 o’clock news to see if the teachers would strike and wouldn’t be in school while they lost no pay.

The Department of Education gave Wilkes University $548,000 to qualify teachers to teach. Poor people could have been better served.

If you update your property, taxes go up. Hopefully, you lawmakers will correct all the unfairness as quickly as you corrected your overnight pay raise.

Taxpayers, let your comments be known to your lawmakers.

Thank you, Ed. Tomko Sr.