Crestwood Students Donate Care Packages To Military
Crestwood HS Junior

During November and December, Mr. Herring’s classes have been donating and collecting various treats to send to our country’s heroes. Selected soldiers that were requested by the students will be receiving boxes of goodies for the holidays. Students brought in so many items that they covered the counter space in Mr. Herrings room. Everyone was invited to bring in cookies, cupcakes, bagged snacks, or any little item that could be packed in the boxes.

One student brought in race cars for a unique reason. He wrote that his uncle was in the army and said that he had to do insane things sometimes to stay sane. His uncle had race cars that he would play with while serving. It is funny that a comfort item for a soldier could be something as simple as a race car that reminds him of his childhood. Little things can make such a huge different. You never know what can come of a good deed or a kind gesture.

I watched as classmates packed animal crackers into a box and thought of how that is my comfort food. Maybe a soldier will open one of those boxes and be completely filled with joy for such an ordinary item that isn’t available to them where they are serving. If it is that easy to spread joy and give hope, then who wouldn’t want to help provide that?

Mrs. Wenner assisted students in making homemade chocolate chip cookies to send in the packages. They were prepared and packed right before the boxes were filled to keep them as fresh as possible. I have never seen so many freshly made cookies before in my life. The counters were filled with cookies and all of them were sent. Mr. Herring then had students prepare letters and sign cards to put in the boxes. Once all the items were ready he had each of his classes pack a box to send. Every period filled a box for a soldier.

One soldier that will be receiving a box is the mother of one of his students. The girl was able to pack a box for her own mother for Christmas which is so special. After the boxes were stuffed with treats we sealed them and it was clear that there was a large abundance of leftovers. We were informed that all the extras will be sent to another place that makes packages to send out to soldiers just like we had. All the food will then be given as a Christmas gift. It was a neat thing to be a part of and it is a wonderful gift from everyone who contributed.

Mr. Herring shared letters from grateful soldiers telling everyone how much the packages meant to them. Each letter and card received had a different message of thanks. It was great to know that the packages reached their destinations and that they were able to bring a smile and a piece of home to our troops overseas.