Winter Road Conditions Topic At Fairview Meeting
Mountaintop Eagle Intern

Winter road conditions were a major topic at the Fairview Township meeting on February 3.

Supervisor Robert Orloski Jr., liaison to the police department, stated “Police Chief Intelicato asked me to remind motorists to watch their speed in winter weather, especially on Route 309.”

David Hourigan, president of Mountaintop Hose Company No. 1, stressed the impact of speed on winter weather, noting that 11 of the 18 calls the Mountaintop Hose Company received in January were motor vehicle crashes. He pointed out “speed and weather are a factor in all of them.” Many of these crashes took place on Route 309. Hourigan described a “glaze” that appears on roadways in the early morning and in the later afternoon in the winter, which contributes to the number of crashes that commonly occur at 7:30 in the morning and at 4:30 in the afternoon. He warned residents to be more careful.

Roadmaster Russell Marhold requested that drivers keep their cars off of the streets when there is a winter storm, to allow the plows through. If residents don’t move their vehicles, Marhold warned, “we will remove them.” He also told residents to make sure they remove portable basketball hoops from streets and township rights of way as well. He also noted that the township has used 75 percent of its rock salt and anti-skid so far this winter.

The police report noted there were 188 incidents in the month of January, which included 14 motor vehicle accidents, eight traffic citations, one theft investigation, one public drunkenness, one case of harassment, seven domestic complaints, and one fight in progress, 19 alarm calls, 34 miscellaneous calls, and seven medical emergencies. . Fairview Township officers assisted other departments 26 times.

Zoning Officer, John Doddo issued eight permits in January and collected $2,896.51 in fees. The permits included five building permits, two were zoning permits and one was an occupancy permit.

Under correspondence, the supervisors approved requests from the Mountaintop Area Little League and Mountaintop Youth Soccer for use of the Memorial Park fields.

Support Group To Meet March 4

A Support Group for Anxiety, Stress and Depression will meet Tuesday, March 4 at 6:30 pm at St Paul’s Lutheran Church, 316 S. Mountain Blvd. Mountaintop.


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