Wright Township Board Addresses Seasonal Issues

Wright Township leaders met on February 10th during a lull in the ongoing succession of winter storms.

Chairman Don Zampetti proceeded through department reports which included the impact that the winter is having on the township roads. And residents brought attention to other winter woes.

Michael Metric of the development Forest Pointe advised that a fire hydrant near his home was plowed in. He said that the snow was being piled on an easement on the cul-de-sac, Merganser Court. Unfortunately, the amount of snow pushed onto the easement had buried the hydrant. Zampetti promised that the road department would clear the hydrant the next day.

Still with the winter theme, the board was asked why the township’s skating rink is not in use. Zampetti, who acts as liaison to the active Recreation Committee, explained that the rink required routine maintenance after summer use, but that did not happen in time for the switch-over for winter use.

“We have it all planned,” he said when asked after the meeting. “In October we will take care of any maintenance needed to convert for winter use. We’re happy that people are using the rink summer and winter. It wasn’t damaged -this is just normal wear and tear, nothing more.”

Zampetti added that the rink enjoys a lot of attention and he said, “We have the plan in place now for next year to fill the cracks and flood it.”

He noted that Dr. William Zeigler supplies the services of a zamboni and next year a ramp will be in place for the machine. “We have to get a ramp there for that. That’s pretty heavy, but he drives it over and we have to prepare for that. It works out well because it levels it off and it’s nice and smooth. It’s a good surface

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