Winter Storm Road Maintenace Major Topic At Dorrance Meeting

Like all Mountaintop communities, Dorrance leaders reported that winter storm maintenance was a major issue at the February 10th meeting.

When Chairman Gary Zane called for his report, Roadmaster Todd Badman said the crew has “plowed and salted the roads pretty often lately.”

He also said that between snows the team concentrated on clearing trees and brush that had been knocked into the cartway blocking lanes and they also opened ditches where possible. In addition, equipment maintenance is an ongoing concern.

Vice-Chair Royce Engler, reflecting the prevailing attitude of the attendees responded by saying, “Just keep plowing the roads.” And Badman replied with resignation, “That’s what we’re doing –and salting them.”

Other township department reports showed seasonal themes, Secretary/ Treasurer Patricia Davis read the Dorrance Fire Company, January update saying, “One structure fire; one weather standby; four motor vehicle accidents; 10 assists to other townships; two motor vehicle fires; one automated fire alarm; one trees and wires down; and one Hazmat standby.”

Likewise, the Dorrance Ambulance logged similar calls, “Nine medical; four motor vehicle accidents; and five assists to the Fire.”

In other business, Zoning Officer Alan Snelson said, “Last month we issued four different kinds of permits. It was a pretty good month.”

Among the items addressed, Snelson issued a permit for a single family home on Hollow Road, one for a trailer on Taney Road. He noted, “We also issued a number of permits to Anthony and Kelly Halchak. Their project is at 688 South Mountain Boulevard. It’s a car lot. It was in a

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