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The largest expense in all Pennsylvania School District Budgets, 80% of the total, is salaries, benefits, and pensions for teachers, administrators and support staff. Some type of collective bargaining agreement, which is negotiated between the local union and the local school district, covers nearly all employees. How will Pennsylvania, who will now collect all former school and municipal property taxes as sales and expanded income tax, deal with the local unions? Will all teachers statewide have the same salary scale, benefits and pensions? Will school employees all be state workers? Think about it. Taxation without representation? The Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) is NOT a supporter.

You can read online all about the glorious Property Tax Independence Act. The Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition has an engaging website chock full of spin. It reminds me of Obamacare, that was originally called the Affordable Care Act. Reality is illustrating that legislation is neither affordable nor caring. Pennsylvania’s new tax act needs a lot of study before it can be voted upon or implemented.

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