ST. JUDE’S CONTINUES ANNUAL VOLLEYBALL CHALLENGE-Each year during Catholic Schools Week, on Student Appreciation Day, the faculty and eighth grade students face each other in the gym for the annual volleyball challenge. This year was no exception. The entire student body attended cheering for the teachers and students alike. Several spirited games were played to the delight of the crowd. The eighth grade prevailed for most of the competition and wore t-shirts designed especially for the occasion. The participants are, front from left: Molly McAndrew, Brianna Phillips, Morghan Murphy, Makenzie Savner, Lizzy Kolojejchick, Maria Strish, Gabbi Frask, and Kaylee Kotsko. Row two: Yosi Bere, Jeffrey Siegfried, Christopher Kocon, Christopher Gibbons, Ben Koshinski, and Sean Wills. Back: Evette Koshinski, Lester Kempinski, Eileen Kempinski, Ann Levandoski, Carlee Strish, Mary Anne Crofchick, Marilyn Baran, Brenda Kolojejchick, and Rose Lee Bednarz.