INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL UNDE RWAY AT ST. JUDE’S- Duringthewintermonths, theSt. Jude School gym is a busy place on Saturday mornings. That’s when the kindergarten through third grade students participate in the intramural basketball program sponsored by the school’s sports association. Parents volunteer as coaches and referees and conduct games and practice sessions for the students while working on the basic skills of shooting, passing, and dribbling. Shown from left are some of the members of the pink and red teams , in front: Ella Novelli, Evelyn Bassett, and Sophia Andahazy. Row two: Isabelle Carlin, Hayley Keiser, Lauren Lokuta, Lainey Conway, and Lauren Urosevich. Row three: Alexandra Hargreaves, Shannon Jameson, Katie Gallagher, Molly Jameson, Margaret Mary Ganter, and Katelyn Bozinko. Back: Coaches Kate Gallagher and James Ganter. Mary Kate Banford, Veronica Gorka and Mia Kramer also participate in the program.