MMI Preparatory School Announces President’s List

Thomas G. Hood, head of school at MMI Preparatory School, has announced the names of students who have been named to the President’s List during the first semester.

The President’s List recognizes sound academic performance each semester. To be included on the list, a student must have a cumulative average in all subjects of 85.0, have attained an average of 70.0 or better in each course, have no “incompletes” at the end of each nine-week grading period, be enrolled in a complete schedule of courses, and have a satisfactory citizenship record.

The following Mountaintop/White Haven area students have earned President’s List recognition for the first semester of the 2013-2014 school year:

12th grade: Alec Andes, Cassandra Bluth, Elijah Dove, Eleni Moustardas, and Stephanie Pudish. 11th grade: Kelsy Donaldson,

Keegan Farrell, Tristan Gibbons, Medina Saeed, and Claire Sheen.

10th grade: Andrew Alday, Mikayla Dove, Victoria Kline, and Jay Solgama.

Ninth grade: Ali Aijaz, Brandon Andes, Niklas Byriel, Jai-Jacob Hoover, Jessica Smith, Jonathan Smith, Ryan Touey, Daniel Tron, and Kyle Williams.

Eighth grade: Angelica Alday, David Caldwell, Tara Hohn, and Caitlyn Kline.

Seventh grade: Brandon Ascencio, Elliot Blasko, Allison Hohn, Elise Hreha, Alexander Kline, Emily Mundorf, Ariah-Kirin Saeed, and Coleman Smith.

Sixth grade: Ayla Cooper, Catherine Havrilla, Katherine Pudish, Adam Tron, and Abbey Walters.