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Building was not yet hooked up to the new system. Kochan repeated, “The workers can’t dig when the ground is frozen!”

Council member Joe Tucker reported on the state of the borough’s roads. Tucker made a motion to get 80 tons of salt to be used for the 2014-2015 snow season. The motion was seconded by Johnson, and carried by the rest of the council. Tucker also reported that the dump truck used by the borough, which was wearing out, broke in the last storm this year, and is in need of repairs. Finally, he reported that there was a complaint on Willow Grove Street that the bottom of the street was covered in ice. Cones were placed to warn drivers of the hazard.

Council member Regina Plodwick expressed concern about what was being used to fill the potholes on Willow Grove Street. She showed the other council members rocks that had been found in the yards of people living on that street. The rocks, which were much larger than gravel, have been getting kicked up by the plows when they go by, and are thrown into the yards of neighbors. “One of these rocks could have been flung into a car or a window!” said Plodwick.

In his report on recycling, Ron Kaiser stated that recycling will be continued twice a month throughout the winter, on the first and third Saturdays each month, noting the recycling is popular with the residents of the borough.

Mayor Rule reported that police department received only five complaints, three of which were residential alarms, one was a business, and one was because of power lines that were down.