Nuangola Council Appoints New Member
Mountaintop Eagle Intern

The Nuangola Borough Council appointed a new council member at their meeting on January 20.

Michelle Zawoiski took her seat after being sworn in by Mayor Norman Rule. Zawoiski filled the seat vacated by Ted Vancosky. Zawoiski previously served on the council in the 1990s.

Barry Jacob was appointed as the borough’s new Zoning Officer. Jacob had served as Zoning Officer in Fairview Township for several years.

The council also plans to appoint new members to the Zoning Hearing Board and Planning Commission at the next meeting on February

11. Council president John Kochan stated that any interested resident of Nuangola Borough is eligible to fill the positions on the Zoning Hearing Board and the Planning Commission. Letters from interested residents can be sent to the Nuangola Borough Building, 5150 Nuangola Road, Mountaintop PA 18707.

In other business, Council member Mike Johnson reported on the borough’s new sewer system. At this point, Johnson stated 290 out of 415 residents, or 70 percent of residents, have connected to the system. There was some concern about the date by which all residents are required to be hooked up which is February

23. Kochan explained that it is not possible to finish by the February date because the ground is frozen, and workers will not be able to dig in order to hook up the residents.

At council’s last meeting, a complaint was made that the Borough

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