Mountaintop Garden Club Hosts Guest Speaker
Mountaintop Eagle Intern

The Mountaintop Garden Club welcomed a guest speaker at their first meeting of the year on January 28. Club members and guests packed the meeting room of the Rice Township Municipal Building where about 50 people enjoyed an informative talk by Gary Kostrobala, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited in Dallas. This welcoming and cheerful group has only been in existence for one year.

Dawn Clark, a member of the Club’s Steering Committee, introduced Gary, a Lehman resident, who told the group he came by his love of the outdoors from the Boy Scouts. He related going to camp with the Scouts and then teaching the younger scouts about the outdoors when he became an Eagle Scout. Gary’s love of nature is not just limited to birds; he enjoys watching and appreciating all of nature… with the exception of snakes!

Gary began bird watching several years ago, when his son gave him a gift of a bird feeder. He took over the Wild Birds Unlimited franchise in Dallas fifteen months ago. Gary had been visiting the store frequently to buy the birdseed, feeders, and other equipment needed for bird watching.

Surprisingly, seeds and other food used in bird feeders accounts for fifteen percent of a bird’s diet. Gary explained that the birds will stop at feeders first thing in the morning to

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