Shawn Prohaska Receives Circle Of Excellence Award
By Mary Katherine Evans
Mountaintop Eagle Intern
BUSINESS AWARD RECIPIENT-Shawn Prohaska, owner of Invisible Fence of Northeast Pennsylvania, received the Circle of Excellence Award. Shawn’s business is located at 132 N. Mountain Blvd. Shawn is shown with his buddy, “Ticket”.

Shawn Prohaska, owner of Invisible Fence of Northeast Pennsylvania, was recently recognized by Invisible Fence® Brand. The award was presented at the company’s 2013 Annual Dealer Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

A Mountaintop resident, Shawn received the Circle of Excellence Award, which recognizes dealers and distributers that represent ideal business models in the Invisible Fence® Brand network. Award recipients excel in a variety of critical business areas, including marketing, sales, and customer service.

Shawn has owned Invisible Fence of Northeast Pennsylvania for the past 21 years. Looking back over the past two decades, Shawn remarks, “I’ve had good and bad years in the business, especially recently because of the economy.” Over the past year and a half, Shawn’s business has experienced steady growth, which is why he believes he received the Circle of Excellence Award. Customers reviews on Shawn’s Invisible Fence of Northeast Pennsylvania website praise Shawn for his “down to earth presentation and his “friendly no push” sales attitude.”

According to the company’s website, Invisible Fence helps protect pets and preserve peace of mind. Invisible Fence® Brand systems are safe, humane, and highly recommended by veterinarians, behaviorists, and pet experts. Over the last 40 years, Invisible Fence helped more than two million pets and their owners lead safe and harmonious lives together. The website states “Our proven P. E. T. Approach™ method ensures the success of our products every time, with any pet, and in every household. The result? An unparalleled success rating (over 99%) and the most effective solutions in the industry.”

An Invisible Fence® system can even be set up indoors, in case a dog is only allowed to run around in certain areas of the house. Shawn explains that the Invisible Fence® system can be extremely customized to fit the customer’s needs. The pets and the owners go through a 4-Step Training process once the equipment is installed to ensure that the pet and the owners have a good experience with Invisible Fence®.

The 4-Step Training Program includes:

Evaluating your pet’s personality and temperament to learn what triggers unwanted behavior.

Adjusting the perfect setting for your pet’s Computer Collar® to gently and safely encourage him to avoid problem areas.

Practice in applying the training techniques, working with your pet to establish safe areas in and around your property.

Affirms that the training was successful so that, even when tempted, your pet will stay safe and well behaved.

Shawn explains an Invisible Fence® system is much more cost-effective than putting in a standard fence. Invisible Fence® equipment can be used on the whole yard, or the dog owners can turn on the back yard or the front yard only, if they do not want the dog running around the entire yard. If the dog owner leaves that home, they can take the equipment with them and have new wires put in at their new home. The new owners can buy new equipment and hook it up to the wires already in the ground.

Invisible Fence of Northeast Pennsylvania offers a FREE in-home consultation. They are also offering $150 off of your estimate when you schedule an appointment with Invisible Fence® on their website, or if you call their office at 570-825-6996 and mention the advertisement on their website.

There is a 99.5% success rate on the product, and it will not hurt the dogs using the Invisible Fence®.