On and Off The Mountain/Stephanie Grubert

of the Barack Obama Show and I think it’s time for a cancellation. There is nothing of substance coming out of Washington and that is pretty much fine with me. Lay off the thousands of bureaucrats that muck up the programs and just concentrate on defense, law enforcement and letting business stimulate the economy. I don’t want to hear yet another campaign style speech or see Obama run out of an airplane or across a lawn with that annoying jog. Enough already. Obama’s roots were as a community organizer in what I remember was economically challenged Chicago neighborhoods. He must have forgotten those people, or maybe not. He’s touting ladders of opportunity for low-income people to change

their economic status, all with his help of course. What does that mean? I have a small business and I hire employees who contribute to the government’s coffers through their income and payroll taxes. I match the federal payroll taxes and sella product giving business to the vendors that

I do business

with. Small business could easily exist and prosper without any governmental regulation, which complicates our daily routines and gives us extra work. I am entirely supportive of green initiatives. Iregularly reuse bags for shopping, recycle everything that is taken in at our local centers, and compost all my food scraps. I drive a car that gets a reasonable amount of miles to the gallon. Our President needs to get his priorities down to earth, to the day in day out policies that affect the average citizen and also the taxpayers, who finance it. Collecting from “ the rich” and redistributing to “ the poor” will not result in a robust economy. Real work that provides goods and services that people need and want will create

jobs and stimulate the American economy. Barack Obama’s vision will not. Financial Times Last week the stock market sank to levels from May 2012. The market is an emotional roller coaster ofopinions that can climb or fall on a moment’s notice. The market can indicate if business is

in a favorable position to expand and therefore create jobs. The market does not create jobs any more than talking about climate change does. Our financial markets are driven by sales and for the banks it was driven by greed before the economic collapse in 2008. Together all must be in synergy for a successful outcome including job creation. Luzerne County continues

to have the highest unemployment rate in the state. I am not surprised. We don’t see any big influx of employment opportunities from the plants that operate in the Crestwood Industrial park. Those that have jobs are hanging on for dear life and

others have stopped looking. Last year Barack Obama hung his second term promises on climate change. That buzzword has not been heard since, although with our current super cold weather and droughtin the western states we haveto remember that all weather is cyclical. Just like the markets, every day is a new opportunity. Hard work and saving for a rainy day has always been part of a successful economy. It’s

time for Obama to stop spending. And that

includes keeping Air Force One on the tarmac for at least one day per week. American Legion Baseball Mountain Top American Legion Baseball will hold registration for the 2014 season on Saturday, February 8 from 12: 30 to 2: 30 pm and Tuesday, February 11 from 7 to 9 pm at Post 781 in

Mountaintop. Boys ages 13-18 residing in Wright, Fairview, Dorrance, Hollenback, Dennison, Rice and Slocum townships as well as Nuangola Borough, Penn Lake and White Haven Borough are eligible to register. Players must be accompanied

by one parent and bring their health insurance information along with a copy of their birth certificate. For more information go to www. leaguelineup. com/ mountainlegionbaseball or contact Jeff at 570 474-9259. Support Group Support Group for Anxiety, Stress and Depression will meet Tuesday, Feb. 11 at 6: 30

pm at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 316 S. Mountain Blvd., Mountaintop. Any questions email supportgroupmt@ aol. com Welcome Club Scholarships The Mountain Top Welcome Club is now accepting applications for their new scholarship program. One, $ 1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a Crestwood High School senior who has made positive contributions to his/ her community and who has high academic achievement. Applications will be judged by a committee appointed by the Mt. Top Welcome Club. Applications must be postmarked no later than March 15, 2014. Applications are available from the