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Our resident weatherman Tom Clark has all the statistics in his weekly report. Wednesday January 29 was predicted to be 16 degrees and sunny, an improvement

fromTuesday’s 12 degrees. February is knocking on our doors and winter is half over.I am anxiously awaiting the word on the weather for the Super Bowl game at the Meadowlands in New Jersey on Sunday. Fans need todress inseveral layers for that one. We shared our misery last weekwith a big

part of the country with frigid icy conditions going as far south as Florida along the East Coast. The best thing about weather is that it can change in an instant.The“ climate change” seems to be stuck on frigid. Lack

of Substance Barack Obama gave his annual State of the Union address this week. There is usually nothing of substance to the president’s speeches. He wants to create study commissions and “ advise” on subjects that governmenthas no in the back whenyou turn around. Officers then

took Dula into custody. Officers retrieved a 24 oz can of beer that was half full and sitting in plain view on the front seat of Dula’s

vehicle, Due to Dula’s erratic behavior, he was transported to Wilkes-Barre General Hospital tobe evaluated by MH/ MR. The officer noted Dula continued talking

to himself as well as to persons that were not around him while being transported,Dula also repeated two more times that, if given the opportunity, he would shoot officers in the back.

Threatens Continued from page 1 Two recently formed adult activity groups at the White Haven Area Community Library have established their

meeting schedules. The Scrap-Happy group will work on scrapbooks on the first Sunday of the month from 1: 00-3: 00 p. m. New members are welcome, and those