Wright Township Begins Year With New Police Contract

Newly reelected Donald Zampetti was named Board Chairman in Wright Township’s reorganization meeting and lead his colleagues in approving a new police agreement at the first regular meeting of the year.

In the first January session, Wright leaders elected Zampetti as supervisor Chair and welcomed new board member Colleen Macko. Both Macko and Zampetti began six-year terms at the reorganization meeting which was held on Monday, January 6th.

The agreement with the police collective bargaining unit came at the board’s first regular meeting of the year on January 13th.

The three-year contract calls for a 3% per year wage increase explained Township Solicitor Michael Kostelansky. “The contract runs from January 1st of this year to December 31st of 2016. The longevity was capped. Previously there was no cap… Now there is a cap of 12% and a dollar cap of $9,000.”

In addition, the agreement adds one more personal day bring the total to 6 personal days per year. The officers are now permitted to accumulate up to 160 days of unused sick time and may, at retirement, sell back up to that maximum at a rate of $90 per day.

At the same time, a separate agreement was negotiated with Police Chief Royce Engler.

The approved agreement with the 30 year veteran was said to be very similar in terms. The main variation, it was noted, was that the chief will receive a 3.5% increase per year.

The police contract was approved on a motion by Police liaison Candace Smith, seconded by Jerry Uram, with Macko abstaining.

Also under new business, the board unanimously approved the purchase of property. Uram advised, “The Township is interested in pursuing the purchase of two parcels of unimproved land which are adjacent to land currently owned by the township.”

The board approved a $200 deposit to hold the 5 acre property which Zampetti described as abutting the township’s recreation park at the south-west corner. The land, owned by Norah Smith, will be purchased at a value of $30,000 plus any closing costs.

The Board thanked 8th Grade Boy Scout Joe Taylor for leading the assembled in the Pledge of Allegiance. The scout’s patriotic act will contribute to the qualification for a Citizenship of the Community scout badge.