WILKES-BARRE ACADEMY 1st AND 2nd GRADE STUDENTS recently performed “The Lion King”, the musical story of Simba, a young lion cub, and his journey through adolescence to become King. Shown in front, is Alyssa Daubert, Mountaintop. Row 2: A. J. Borchert, Abby Whitby, Christina Mullin, Emme Zito, Mia Adajar, Aidan McDonald, Max Filchak, Mountaintop; Ryan Andress and Anish Reddy. Row 3: Ayden Middleton, Jane Gillespie, Nia Thomas and Yusuf Saeed. Row 4: Geno Scatena, Jason Middleton, Dominick Engler, Mountaintop; Tylor Berinni, Isabella Serkosky, Angelina Opachko, Mikayla Sullick, Cameron Craig, Kyle Frieman, Mountaintop; Nico Demark, Abbey Cookus-Gnoinski, Lily Talukder, Jayden Rodicks and Jonah Stegmuller. Row 5: Gavin Stevens, Ian Smith, Matthew Gardiner, Maliha Brown, Morgan Cookus-Gnoinski, Daniel Hughes, Rex Hrabel, Marin Purcell and Justin, Ascencio, Mountaintop. Back: Mai Adajar, Emily Krevey, Adrienne Wren, Helen Ruch, Miah Sims, Isabella Wigle, Gabrielle Medura, Liam Wittkopp, Caleb Collins, Lily Cannon, Rehann Mansuri, Prestyn Reeves, Ben Radziewicz, Mountaintop; Jayden Klepar and Tyler Vodzak.