Crestwood Parents Request Middle School Sports Return

In the first meeting of the new year, Crestwood Directors heard ardent calls for Middle School sports.

“This is a recipe for disaster,” said parent Brenda Andrews on the absence of activities for Middle School students.

Andrews spoke during public comment at the January 16th School Board meeting which was chaired by President Jerry Orloski, and attended by newly-elected members Maureen McGovern and Randy Swank and re-elected members Eric Aigeldinger and Norb Dotzel.

“I’m here to ask the board to reevaluate the middle school sports that have been eliminated.”

Andrews explained that she has appeared previously on this issue and is here again “representing a lot of parents” who consider sports and other extra-curricular activities a necessary part of the maturation process for their children to move forward to college and beyond. “These sports are teaching our kids at a Middle School level –a place where these kids need to decide if they are going to take the high road or the low road –what they are going to do.”

She said that the responsibility and discipline needed to participate in team activities molds children at a crucial stage in their lives. The impact on the high school sports programs can’t be overlooked, she said. “Our foundation is in the Middle School. This is where we are teaching our kids, not only the skills, but the camaraderie. We are teaching our kids life skills.

“When these kids are left out on the streets, who’s happy?” she asked rhetorically. She added that other districts that cut budgets by cutting sports are reinstating them.

Bringing the budget into the discussion was retired math teacher

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