Mountaintop Martial Arts Offering Free Realistic Self-Defense Classes
MOUNTAINTOP MARTIAL ARTS will be offering a free month of self defense classes for students ages 5 years on up. Grandmaster David Sparks is shown with Master Joseph Duda at the new location at 110 Rear N. Main Blvd. in Mountaintop.
LEARNING A NEW TECHNIQUE-Master Joseph Duda of Mountaintop Martial Arts is shown teaching a new technique to students Bailey and Dillon at the new location, 110 Rear N. Mountain Blvd., Mountaintop. Classes are available in traditional karate and realistic self-defense classes requiring no pushups, situps or forms.

Grand Master Dave Sparks has been practicing the martial arts for over thirty-four years and has taught the art of self-defense for 30 of those years. Grand Master Sparks is offering one-month of free realistic self-defense classes at his new location, Mountaintop Martial Arts, 110. Rear N. Mountain Boulevard.

“This is the only martial arts system that is available for all ages,” explains Sparks. “The class is designed for ages five years on up. There are no physical requirements; it’s geared for anybody’s level. This martial arts system teaches self-defense and totally eliminates any physical strength required. It teaches you to neutralize an attacker by using the element of surprise.”

Sparks, a remarkably fit 70-year old, will be personally teaching the classes along with six other Masters. Sparks invites people to come and watch to see the ease and simplicity of this martial arts system. He notes the knowledge taught in this system can keep people from getting hurt or robbed and can also protect children from being bullied.

“I am teaching to defend not to challenge which is very important,” emphasizes Sparks. “This is not geared for the tournaments that come to mind when you think of karate but keeping safe through a realistic program of self defense.” He points out the art in competitions and tournaments focuses on offense in non-real situations rather than defense in real situations.

Sparks achieved the rank of Grand Master in December 2012; a rank that takes approximately 30 years to achieve after earning a black belt. His original goal in 1977 was to make it to green belt status. Karate and selfdefense quickly became his passion.

While Sparks’ students are permitted to compete, he sees the real usefulness of Karate in reality situations and therefore stresses the original purpose of Fudoshin-Kai, Japanese for “the way of facing danger with a calm spirit”, is selfdefense. Once he achieved black belt, Sparks created his own system that honored the art in real situations. Grand Master Sparks takes the best of every discipline and says that in a few classes, he can teach someone enough of what they need to know in order to defend themselves to get away from danger, whether you are male, female, aged nine or ninety.

The effectiveness of Karate is in the element of surprise and your technique, says Sparks. He continues to explain that the would-be attacker has no idea when you have had selfdefense training, so underestimates your response. Sparks teaches his students to neutralize the attack.

“I am very honest about the effectiveness of these classes,” he says. “The self-defense classes offered free of charge for a month can prevent even women and the elderly from being robbed and children from being bullied or even molested.”

The new Mountaintop Martial Arts studio where the classes are being offered is three times the size of its previous Mountaintop location with plenty of parking. In addition to the self-defense classes, which will be available Wednesday at 6:30 pm and Saturday at 11 am, Sparks also offers affordable classes in Karate and Jujitsu.

You can start the New Year off right by doing something for yourself that will help boost your self-confidence and keep you from becoming a victim.

For more information on the free self-defense classes or any other martial arts training, call Grand Master Sparks at 570 474-0171.

“If I can keep anyone from being hurt, robbed or molested, then I have been a success. This system specializes in realistic self defense and it works,” concludes Sparks.