Marhold Appointed Chairman Of Fairview Board Of Supervisors

Russ Marhold was appointed chairman of the Fairview Township Board of Supervisors at the board’s annual reorganization meeting on Monday, January 6, 2014.

Robert Orloski will serve as vice chairman.

The Board of Supervisors will meet the first Monday of the month at 7:30pm at the municipal building. If the meeting falls on a holiday, the meeting will be held the next day.

Work sessions will be held the last Monday of the month at 6 pm at the municipal building.

Board appointments include the following: Marhold will serve as roadmaster at a salary to be determined by the township auditors; Supervisors Mike Iorio was named chairman of the Park and Recreation Committee; and Robert Orloski will be the liaison to the Police Department.

Barbara Wasiakowski was reappointed as the township secretary/treasurer at an annual salary of $35,915.88.

Joseph Intelicato was appointed Police Chief to be compensated at the annual salary of $59,550.40. Full time police officers will be compensated as follows and receive all benefits as negotiated in the current police contract: Sgt. Phil Holbrook, $49,868.90; Corporal Monk, $48,911.17; and Officers Wadzin and Stahley, $48,495.17. Full time police officers are required to contribute to the Police Pension Fund for 2014 at the rate of 5%.

Part time officers will earn $16 per hour and receive all benefits in the police contract.

Road department appointments: Alvin Spaide, road foreman at an annual salary of $47,486.40. Thomas Kline and James Pawlowski were appointed to the road crew to be compensated at an annual salary of $40,892.80.

Donald Brobst of Rosenn, Jenkins and Greenwald was named township solicitor.

First Keystone Community Bank was named as depository for the General Fund and Liquid Fuels Accounts.

John Doddo was appointed Road Cut Permit Officer, Zoning Officer, and administrator to the Planning Commission to be paid an annual salary of $500 per month plus mileage and expenses.

Lisa Ayers was appointed recording secretary for the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission at a rate of $55 per meeting.

Berkheimer was appointed Township LST Tax Collector and Earned Income Tax Collector for 2014.

The Board of Supervisors also made the following appointments to township boards:

John Dean and Robert Lambert to the Planning Commission for a four year term to expire the end of 2017; April Jacobson and William Ermish to the Zoning Hearing Board for four year terms to expire at the end of 2017; and William Evans and Pam Heard to the Parks and Recreation Committee for 2014.

Borton Lawson was appointed township engineer, Steven M. Egenski was named township Sewage Enforcement Officer to be compensated per permit, and Francis Aigeldinger will serve as chairman of the Vacancy Board for 2014.

Michael Herron and Peter Kohl of Mountaintop Hose Co. No. 1, Wade Kahley of Mountaintop Ambulance Assoc., Police Chief Joseph Intelicato and the Board of Supervisors were appointed to the Fairview Township Emergency Evacuation Board.

In a brief regular meeting that followed the reorganization, the board approved a motion to give preliminary approval to the Geisinger land development plan for a new clinic on Route 309, as recommended by the township planning commission, pending receipt of the following: PennDOT Driveway Highway Occupancy permit, Luzerne County Planning Commission and Engineer’s Office initial review, and Luzerne Conservation District technical review, and stormwater review from Fairview Township engineer.

Under committee reports, Dave Hourigan, Mountaintop Hose Co. # 1, reported there were 17 calls for service in December and 27 in November. There have been 170 calls year to date, an increase of 40 some due to responding to other townships, more frequently in Rice Township.

Hourigan also pointed out the hose company will be celebrating its 75th year of service to the community. More information will be forthcoming.

The zoning officer issued five permits during the month of December 2013 and collected $1,025.68 in fees.

The Fairview Police Department responded to 175 calls last month which included the following: eight accidents, six traffic citations, three thefts, two DUIs, one animal complaint and one missing person.