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freezing and stay there for an extended period of time.

“People have been waiting for the ice so they and their families can ice skate,” notes Frascella. “People that haven’t skated in years are now coming here to skate. It’s great for the community.”

That, of course, means more maintenance for the Wright Township Recreation Department. While sweeping debris off the surface is all there is to it in the summer, the winter requires staff pay a bit more attention to the surface. Besides flooding the rink with water, a zamboni, which the township borrows on occasion, is needed to smooth the surface. Any snow or other debris must also be shoveled off the icy surface so as not to interfere with the skate blades. The rink upkeep is part of the Recreation budget, and Frascella says that the work of numerous volunteers helps keep the costs down.

Of course, there are some general rules for the rink and a schedule so ice skaters and hockey players alike can enjoy time on the ice. Once the rink is up and running, the schedule will be printed in the paper and be available at the township building or by calling them at 474-9067. Any regular usage by specific groups or teams will need to submit a facilities usage form. People must bring their own skates and safety equipment as the township only provides the rink and a set of hockey goals.

The ice rink, Frascella added, was what ranked Wright Township Park the 3rd nicest park in all of Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties. That doesn’t mean, however, that the supervisors have stopped planning new things for the park. At some point, Frascella says they would like to add an official sledding area, away from traffic lanes and obstacles. Right now, there are plenty of unofficial sledding areas in the park that children love to frequent after a fresh snowfall.

Sledding and ice skating are not the only activities around the mountain. Folks looking to burn some winter calories can also go snowshoeing or cross country skiing at nearby Nescopeck State Park as well, and the new Black Diamond trailhead near Glenn Summit is now open for cyclers, runners, or walkers. Frascella says they were even approached with an idea to hold a winterfest celebration at the park. Clearly, even though some people are not especially thrilled with winter, it is not because of a shortage of activities.